Filtrexx® Sediment Trap

Filtrexx® Sediment traps are temporary dry pond sediment containment detention systems used to capture sediment and settle suspended solids in runoff from disturbed soils less than 5 acres (2 ha).

Filtrexx® Sediment traps are also used to capture sediment and settle suspended solids from detention pond outfalls and/or potential overflows. Sediment traps can be converted to, or retrofitted for, permanent (post-construction) Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater quality detention systems.

  • Allows for trapping and settling of suspended solids without major excavation, land disturbance, or pond construction
  • Easily customized to fit most types of watersheds/ drainage areas
  • Installation of Sediment traps require no trenching, therefore soil is not disturbed upon installation or removal
  • Easy removal and disposal
  • Targeted pollutant removal
  • Reduced ecological footprint: recycled, biobased, locally manufactured, indigenous materials, carbon neutral