Filtrexx® Biofiltration System

Filtrexx® Biofiltration System is a temporary or permanent water and storm water filtration system used to filter fine sediment and soluble pollutants. This on-site, land based system uses organic FilterMedia™ and vegetation to remove pollutants as a pretreatment system prior to finishing, or as a final treatment system prior to final discharge.

Filtrexx® Biofiltration System combines the benefits of organic matter, humus, vegetation, and proprietary sorbents to clean point and non-point water sources. Filtrexx® sorbents can be used with customizable and easily maintained Filtrexx® Baffles to create a custom design to target specific pollutants in contaminated water and storm water flows.

Filtrexx® Biofiltration System is recommended for:

  • Sediment and storm water pond filtration
  • Organic filtration system
  • Bioretention and Rain Garden pretreatment
  • Polluted agricultural, brownfield, firing range, golf course, lawn runoff
  • Targeted Pollutant Removal
  • Roadway, Parking lot, rooftop storm water treatment
  • Temporary on-site filtration of point source contaminated water.