Filtrexx® Stormwater Blanket

Filtrexx® Storm water blankets are a storm water runoff reduction and permanent vegetation establishment practice used on post-construction soil surfaces and in Low Impact Development projects. Storm water blankets are intended for application and use where:

  • land disturbing activities have ceased
  • permanent vegetation is required
  • reduction of pollutant loading in storm runoff is required
  • runoff volume reduction from landscape or drainage area is necessary
  • reduction in the size of storm water collection, bioretention ponds, and rain gardens is necessary
  • where Low Impact Development (LID) ordinances and guidelines must be met

Storm Water Blankets are a natural sponge for rainwater and non-concentrated storm runoff. By holding large volumes of rainwater at the soil surface, Storm Water Blankets increase infiltration, evapotranspiration, and plant available water that would normally wind up as runoff. These processes restore the natural site hydrology through ground water recharge and atmospheric water vapor.