Filtrexx® Channel Mattress

Filtrexx® Channel Mattress is a flexible, soft armoring system designed to stabilize and prevent erosion of channel beds and banks used for storm water conveyance and concentrated flow situations.

Filtrexx® Channel Mattress technology provides structural protection, erosion control, vegetation growth, and vegetation reinforcement in one simple system.

The Filtrexx® Channel Mattress weight and anchoring system is specifically designed to withstand maximum storm runoff velocities and hydraulic shear stresses.

The vegetated Filtrexx® Channel Mattress system is specifically designed to reinforce vegetation against intense hydraulic pressure.

Filtrexx® Channel Mattress provides maximum:

  • Structural stability of the channel
  • Reduction of bed and bank erosion
  • Protection from scour erosion
  • Reduction of storm water velocity
  • Dissipation of storm water energy
  • Pollutant removal.