Filtrexx® Rip Rap Grout

Filtrexx® Rip Rap Grout is a seeded organic growing media used to establish permanent vegetation within the interstitial void spaces of rip rap armoring systems. Filtrexx® Rip Rap Grout utilizes only Filtrexx GrowingMedia™.

There are many benefits to vegetating rip rap systems; the advantages to using Filtrexx® Rip Rap Grout include:

  • Vegetated rip rap, and similar hard armoring systems, will mimic soft armoring systems
  • Increased wildlife habitat, increased landscape aesthetics, enhanced ecosystem function and restoration
  • Increased sediment and soluble pollutant removal from storm water
  • Reduced storm water runoff volume and peak flow rates
  • Increased stability and erosion control capability
  • Absorption of ground water seeps and subsurface flows.