Filtrexx® Green Roof

Filtrexx® Green Roofs are multi-functional roofing systems designed to mitigate the impact of urban development by managing storm water, reducing building heat absorption, and creating valued green space.

Filtrexx® Green Roof systems are available for extensive and intensive green roof projects.

Filtrexx® GrowingMedia™ may be utilized as an important component of the green roof soil media.

Filtrexx® Green Roof systems may be used as: 1) only the growing media component of the green roof system; or, 2) the growing media component + containment system using Filtrexx Soxx™.

Filtrexx® Green Roofs can be used for a variety of objectives, including:

  • Storm water runoff and pollutant reduction
  • Thermal buffering of the building envelope to conserve energy in cooling and heating
  • Creation of urban wildlife habitat
  • Creation of human recreational green space
  • Rooftop gardening
  • Air pollution mitigation
  • Urban heat island mitigation.