GroSoxx® Gabion

GroSoxx® Gabion is a structural vegetated armoring technology used to stabilize and prevent erosion of waterway and shoreline banks.  GroSoxx® Gabions combine the benefits of soft and hard armor technologies to provide maximum structural protection, erosion control, vegetation growth, and vegetation reinforcement in one system.

GroSoxx® Gabions are specifically designed for applications where water flow and intense hydraulic pressures typically undermine vegetation growth. GroSoxx® Gabions combine heavy duty tubular mesh netting material, used to contain and stabilize custom growing media and vegetation placed within the gabion basket, and drip tape irrigation (optional) to ensure establishment and sustainability of seeded and/or live stake plantings. The weight and anchoring system is designed to withstand concentrated water flow velocities and hydraulic shear stresses similar to traditional soft armoring devices (brush mattresses, coconut fiber logs, turf reinforcement mats) and hard armoring devices (rip rap, rock gabion baskets).

Recommended applications for GroSoxx® Gabions include:

  • Biotechnical engineering
  • Creek, stream, canal and riparian bank stabilization
  • Pond and lake shoreline stabilization
  • Sediment and storm water retention/detention pond slope stabilization
  • Salt marsh restoration, habitat and ecological restoration, and aesthetic revitalization
  • Biofiltration of landscape and watershed runoff flowing into stabilized area
  • LID, Green Infrastructure, and Green Building practices are preferred or required