Filtrexx® Bioswale is a permanent, vegetated, shallow landscape depression or channel used to convey, slow, and filter storm water.  Filtrexx® Bioswale combines infiltration, biofiltration, and flow velocity control mechanisms to reduce storm water pollutant loading and flow surges to receiving waters, infiltration areas, and containment systems.

This Low Impact Development (LID) management practice combines the benefits of organic matter, vegetation, and proprietary additives (optional) to physically and chemically (ionic adsorption) filter storm water pollutants.

Filtrexx® Treatment Train™ technologies can be easily incorporated to target specific pollutants in contaminated storm water flows.

Filtrexx® Bioswale is to be designed as a permanent feature of the landscape.

Recommended applications include:

  • Replacement of curb and gutters along parking lots
  • Replacement of conveyance ditches along roadways
  • Pollutant removal and conveyance of storm water from impervious surfaces, such as roadways, parking lots, and rooftops
  • Post-treatment for detention pond discharge or emergency storm overflow
  • Pretreatment for permanent storm water collection ponds and containment systems
  • Sediment and soluble pollution filtration from contaminated effluent
  • Storm water peak flow and velocity reduction
  • Storm water volume reduction
  • Low Impact Development (LID), Green Infrastructure, or Green Building practices are preferred or required
  • Landscape aesthetic enhancement, wildlife habitat, land improvement, and ecological restoration projects,
  • Urban and suburban green space expansion or improvement.