Filtrexx® Vegetated Filter Strip

Filtrexx® Vegetated Filter Strip is a temporary or permanent vegetative filtration practice used to reduce site storm water runoff sediment and soluble pollutants, such as nutrients, heavy metals, bacteria, and petroleum hydrocarbons, from leaving a site and entering conveyance systems or receiving waters.

Filtrexx® Vegetated Filter Strips are generally used for post-construction applications where permanent vegetation is designed to increase storm water infiltration and pollutant filtration.

Filtrexx® Vegetated Filter Strips are of a specified width and utilize a 1 to 2 in (25-50mm) layer (135 to 270 cubic yards/acre, 257 to 513 cubic meters/ha) of Filtrexx® Growing Media™ blended with a specified seed mix and are applied with a pneumatic blower or similar equipment.

Areas where Filtrexx® Vegetated Filter Strips are used include:

  • Highway, street, and parking lot runoff
  • Surface water, riparian area, and wetland buffers
  • Above stream bank or shoreline structural stabilization projects
  • Around channels, ditches, and swales
  • Around bioretention systems, rain gardens, storm water and sediment detention ponds
  • Around site perimeters where land disturbing/construction activities may occur
  • Prior to structural sediment control barriers
  • LID, Green Infrastructure, or Green Building practices are recommended or required