Filtrexx® Bank Stabilization

The Filtrexx® Bank stabilization is a vegetated soft armoring system designed to stabilize banks and prevent erosion of riparian areas, waterways and shoreline banks. The Bank stabilization system uses heavy-duty tubular mesh nettings and/or geogrid to provide structural protection, control erosion, establish and reinforce vegetation all in one simple system.

Filtrexx® Bank Stabilization has been specifically developed to withstand high flow velocities and shear stresses that conventional products cannot withstand. This patented system allows vegetation to grow from the inside out to create a natural anchor within the tubular mesh Soxx™, and between the bank and the stabilization system.  Our drip tape irrigation system (optional) ensures rapid establishment and sustainability of seed and live-stake plantings.

Filtrexx® Bank Stabilization system is recommended for:

  • structural stability and protection from toe-cutting and sloughing of waterway bank
  • structural stability and protection from mass wasting and sloughing of shoreline from wave action
  • control of erosion from overland runoff, wave action, and shear stress from concentrated flows
  • control of runoff velocity flowing to receiving water
  • dissipation of runoff energy flowing to receiving water
  • sustained vegetation health
  • sediment, soluble pollutant, and pathogen removal efficiency of runoff flowing to receiving water
  • restoration of riparian ecosystem and wildlife habitat corridors.