Filtrexx® Level Spreader

Filtrexx® Level Spreader is a tubular device used to convert concentrated water flow into sheet flow prior to discharge into stabilized vegetated areas. Filtrexx® Level Spreader can be custom seeded at the time of installation to allow vegetation growth throughout the device to increase stability, water filtration, and wildlife habitat.

Filtrexx® Level Spreader is typically installed at the outlet of a storm culvert, discharge pipe, runoff diversion structure, conveyance channel/ditch, or sediment control structure. Filtrexx® Level Spreader is designed to accept concentrated flows originating from these areas and convert it into sheet flow through dispersion over a level gradient and across a wider area. This process dissipates the energy and slows the velocity of storm flow, thereby reducing erosion and increasing infiltration.

If properly designed, installed, and maintained this will decrease storm water discharge volumes, peak flow rate, velocity and pollutant loads.